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This page is dedicated to the woven wire style farm fencing that is used on both farm and residential country settings.

On the farm, this type of fence often has a single strand of barb wire along the top and sometimes a single electric fence wire at animal shoulder height to keep a horse or cow from scratching / rubbing, and knocking the fence down.

This style fence is very popular at country cabin getaway homes in the mountains for keeping the dog home. It maintains the country look and feel that you can't get with chain link fence. The beauty of this style fence is that it practically disappears from sight with the woods as a backdrop.

I also do a lot of 3 and 4 rail board and post fence, sometimes called horse fence, and multi strand barb wire fence plus electric livestock fence. Follow the highlighted links for more details.

4 ft. tall hog wire field fence with round wood post and metal T-post

3 to 4 inch round pressure treated post set in concrete with a strong wire diagonal bracing create the corners and H-bracing between which the woven wire is tightly stretched and stapled. Metal T-post are then set at 10 foot intervals along the length of fence between the bracing to hold the fence upright. The combination of ease of installation of the T-post and the economical cost of “ hog wire ” field fence fabric and supplies makes this a relatively inexpensive fence for covering large acreage and large mountain lots.

The “ hog wire “ fabric pictured here starts with 2 inch high by 6 inch wide spacing between the individual wires at the bottom, and the spacing gets larger the higher up you go until they measure approx. 6 in. X 6 in. at the top - great for large dogs, but for smaller dogs I would advise using “ horse wire “ field fence which maintains a 2 in. x 4 in. spacing throughout.

Tubular mesh Gates available in galvanized, and painted red, green, blue, and black finishes make the perfect combo to go with this type of fence. These gates can be purchased in 4, 6, 8, 12, and 16 foot widths and can be used in two's to make double drive gates of any combination.

Tubular mesh walk gate and hog wire fence
field fence corner bracing

Typical corner bracing with woven wire stretched and attached too. The wire becomes almost transparent with the woods in the background

4 ft tall hog wire field fence in Blue Ridge GA

Extra large post were used to keep the fence upright on the soft steep earth embankment by setting 8 ft. post over 3 ft. into the ground, secured in concrete.

6 ft tall woven horse wire fence with round wood post

Hog Wire field fence comes in 4 ft. height only. This customer in the Coosawattee River Resort in Ellijay, GA wanted to create a deer free garden area, so he chose to use 6 ft. tall woven horse wire  fastened to all round wood post set in concrete. He called a few weeks later and said he was delighted with the fence, so I guess the deer are staying out! Fresh garden goodies in the Spring might make the deer change their minds!

6 ft. tall woven horse wire fence on all wood post

6 foot tall woven horse wire attached to 4 inch round wood post. This fence is incredibly strong and with the close 2 x 4 inch spacing between the wires, this fence will keep the smallest of dogs home.

4 ft. tall 3 rail post and board fence with woven horse wire attached

4 ft. tall woven horse wire attached to a 3 rail board fence

3 rail board fence with attached woven horse wire

This “woven horse wire” has small 2 in. x 4 in. spacing between the wires and makes a great fence around a rural setting to keep the pets in and the wildlife out.

Woven wire, verses welded wire, is much stronger. As you can see here, each wire is actually twisted / woven around the other creating a very strong mesh fabric.

Woven wire will withstand the assault from the string trimmer / weed eater.

The cheaper “ welded wire” fabric will cut instantly when a string trimmer comes in contact with it.

close up on woven horse wire
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